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Eva Duran - Miss Frontera Latina 2015 - 2016


Welcome to the Frontera Latina Pageant, a celebration of the rich Latin Culture of the Rio Grande Valley, where inner beauty takes center stage.


In its ninth consecutive year, this pageant has garnered the most media coverage in its series of events and boasts a substantial following on social media networks. It stands as the premier platform for those aspiring to enter the realms of modeling, state, national, and international pageantry, offering a gateway into the industry.

The Frontera Latina Pageant sets itself apart by not only evaluating the physical beauty of candidates but also emphasizing values, morals, ethics, intelligence, personality, and general knowledge. This holistic approach aims to identify crown-worthy representatives who embody our culture and traditions.

The competition spans several weeks, featuring Modeling Classes, stage presence training, health-beauty activities, a Sport Competition, Talent Show, Runway Show, Official Photo-shoot, Sponsor activities, and Interviews. The grand culmination is a Spectacular Live Show and Crowning, a night filled with excitement and anticipation.

The contest's objective goes beyond the stage, uniting people from South Texas and Mexico, celebrities, media, companies, brands, as well as kids, young men and women from nearby cities, along with their families and friends. This event serves as a great recreational, cultural, and family activity. Every week, activities are broadcasted live on social networks, allowing followers to watch and support their favorite contestants, immersing themselves in this extraordinary experience.